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HŠH Architekti


concept 2005
authors Petr Hájek, Tomáš Hradečný, Jan Šépka
The new receiving office is situated in the place of the former Česká bouda, elevated above the terrain on steel legs, its interior offering warmth and quiet in contrast with the harsh nature outside. The architecture of the building is based on the extreme climatic conditions at the top of Sněžka. The structure is inspired by polar or cosmic stations with designs created for their specific purposes. The enclosed character of these designs creates an impression of a haven and observation post. Glazed surfaces that allow cold to penetrate were limited to a single view into the landscape to the southeast where clouds over the mountain ridge often clear and give way to a view of the valley. The mass of the building is designed aerodynamically to endure strong winds, which often exceed 200 km/h. The building has a simple timber structure. The structural frame comprises nailed timber trusses with timber casing covered by titanium and zinc sheet metal on the outside and OSB boards in the interior. The building is designed for assembly directly at the top of Sněžka using prefabricated pieces.
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